This is just a very rough draft of some lyrics.
It's about Varg Vikernes, who was convicted of four counts of arson, well, suspected of four, only convicted of three, and convicted of murder. It's more about the impact his crimes had on the community, of Oslo.

The Chruch Is On Fire


On six six ninety two in Oslo
Fantoft was burned away
Norway was terrified
the fire ruined this day

Vikernes burned three more
now his heart is black
religion was destroyed
convicted can't turn back

Around the cross
spirits rise
around the fire
the cross dies
people loathed
fire rose
in the end
we still have our faith

your beilefes can't be contained
within just one place
it's only arson they said
that wasn't even the case
an icon of beilef was destroyed
within one day
we still have our faith
we still have our morals

Repeat Chorus