I'm thinking of buying a guitar for my birthday and my friend knows someone who is selling a Tremonti SE with the pups changed ('59 and Distortion).

I mostly play rock but also like to listen to jazz and blues, actually I'm learning to play jazz. So my dilemma is, whether to buy the Tremonti SE with the modded pups or to buy Michael Kelly's Valor.

Btw, the Tremonti SE is second hand and is used once in a gig and about 15 times in rehearsals. It's about 2-3 months old. The guy is selling it for about $600 US.

So which should I take?

Versitality is the key factor.

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-PRS Tremonti SE with SD SH-1 '59 (Neck) and SD Distortion (Bridge)

-Schecter C-1 Elite

-Line 6 PODXT