mines smells like teen spirit nirvana, really easy.............
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I'm going to say mine would be one with a build-in Fleshlight, so I can f*ck my guitar and play it at the same time.
James Bond Theme Tune!!!!
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smells like teen spirit i think, either that or probably james bond theme tune

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james hetfields rhythm parts to seek and destroy
the first song i ever played all the way through

Guitar must have been Sweet Dreams cover by Manson

Bass was Show Me How To Live by Audioslave

I can still remeber them both, 3 years on xD
Quite likes Corrine Bailey Rae's new album Don't hurt me.
inspector gadget thme thong or bad to the bone, I can't quite remember which....
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Mr.Cuddles killed The Metal!!!! FUCK YES!

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Mr Cuddles pretty much nailed it...

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Viscara (my band)
the intro to stairway, then all of can't stop
The name's Austin
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Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold.

(More of an intermediate song)

I'm just good.

Want good music?

*link taken out*


The first thing I ever learned was the intro to "Come as you are". The first full song I learned was "All Apologies".
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First full song:

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

Is it just me, or is that the first song in every guitar theory book ever?
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Smoke on the Water.

Haha. Yeah, that's right, I tackeled THAT behemoth of a song as my first choice.

you and i both xD we are true gods lol jk
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I think it was a Travis song...Love Will Come Through. I was quite chuffed because I'd just learned barre chords specifically so I could play it.
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