I am having a major dilema and can't decide which way to go with the tremolo system for my warmoth strat build.

I originally was 100% confident I wanted a floyd rose because I think it would be awesome to be able to add the effects that the system can offer but I read many reports that the locking system made it very hard to change strings quickly.

Another issue that seemed to rise about the floyd rose is that it had a dramatic effect on the tonal qualities of the guitar. IS THIS TRUE?

Ive also been looking into the fender american standard tremolo because from what i have read it offers some of the benefits of the floyd rose but not the headache of string changes and changing tunings

I like to play classic rock style tunes so I am looking for a system to add some flavour to the ideas I come up with

If anyone can give me some help it would be greatly appreciated as I can't decide which way to go and if the floyd is really worth the hassle for me just to do some neat stuff which could potentially be achieved with the use of an effect pedal

thanks for your time

i would choose a FR over anything
my first guitar had one in it
its what i learned on
i traded it, not knowing how good it really was