I have been using .10s almost religiously for about 7 years. Mostly because I had been warned of the horrors of going to .9s by my old teacher.

I am getting into alot of shredding now or just marty friedman like solo's. And I find that I have the speed but simply cant fret the notes as fast as I think I could with a lighter gauge.

So should I string it with .9s and are there any downsides associated.

p.s I would just go buy 2 sets and try them out, but Thats a waste and I don't wanna have to restring it again within a few days.

wat do u think>?
the downside of lighter strings is that they sound a lot thinner, they are a lot looser (this is not an advantage!) so they buzz against the frets and rattle a lot more, and they don't stay in tune as well

honestly, i think its better to just keep practicing with 10s until you can do it. Its much more beneficial to use heavier strings in the long run imo.
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Just lower the action...?
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depends on your bridge.. if it's a tremolo bridge you will have problems, mister
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