I just bought an Ibanez S series one month back. its a second-hand guitar. i'm having this problem whereby whenever i pick on the E-string (thinnest string) , i will hear a different sound , like a buzzing sound, echo sound. its just not like any other guitar , when u pick it , it wil sound like normal. Mine is not. Anyone here knows why?
its not actualy buzzing. its quite hard to describe the sound. ok , whenever i pick e string , the sound produce are not like the other string i pick. its like the sound is not smooth, there is like a repitition of the string again. hard to describe. =(
my only thought is the string is not properly fitting in the nut, is the poor sound coming from the headstock, the neck, or the bridge?
maybe ur right, erm anyone here willing to help me ? .. thx xiyixo for ur suggestion. i hope i can fix that problem. whenever i play some songs , that sound will affect my playing.
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is there something wrong with the pickup?

it cant be the pickup if it's only the e string
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