Well, haven't been on here in a while. Moved... Now I'm in an apartment and unlike my last apartment it wasn't out on its on. Now I can't even play my electronic drumset because me beating on it is to loud. You'd think electrnoic drumkit's would be apartment safe? Nor can I play my tube amp. This really sucks. Those hotplate's actually any good? Or do they bring tube amps down to the volume that I will be able to play it without my neighboors being pissed off? Although they play music extremly loud at 4:30 in the morning... I try not to do that. I kinda had the idea of starting a small studio in my apartment just for me... of course not including real drums. But I need a way to record my tube amp without it being extreme. This studio just being for demo purposes of course. Nothing professional.
headphones? for practice at least
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Well with guitar i dont need headphones as long as im playing through a practice amp. I mean they can't hear that. If I use headphones with the electric drumset it won't matter. Hitting the bass drum with the bass pedals is really loud even with no volume. Basically would sound like someone beating on their wall constantly. Although most of them are scared to say anything to me because I'm the police I still don't feel comfortable playing knowing someone else is annoyed.