I can't get a SNES Emulator to work with the games, could somebody link me to a...

ok now since i downloaded zsnes, does that mean that i can play any snes rom on there?

even (there was never a link here)?
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Yup. Now have hours of SNES fun as I have!

And play A Link the Past! And Chrono Trigger! And Super Mario World! And Super Metroid! And most of all, YOSHI'S ****ING ISLAND.

I think SNES might actually be my favorite system.
Methinks that talking about ROMS or linking to them is a bad idea!
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']FUCK YES.

Well he never said he didn't have the original copies, and if he never says he doesn't, then simply talking about them should come without consequences. BUT the linking might not be such a good idea, haha.
ok i downloaded the zelda game...now how do i change the controls (what key is the start button, a, b, etc.)
Check out my music, if you please.