theres a song me and my band wanna learn for a battle of the bands contest thats in a few weeks... everyone keeps asking us what songs we're gunna play. we was out with a group of about 10 people once (me and my band not included) and they all said if you played Slow Dives And Alibies by Brigade that we'd win hands down, but none of them believed that we were that good enough to learn it lol, well we wanna prove them wrong and play it, so we'll surprise them all at the gig and hopefully win too. i got the chorus and brigde down tabbed easy, just the main bassline i cant quite seem to get, heres a link to a video of them recording the song


the bit i want tabbed is the bass at 0:53, thank in advance to anyone who can tab this for me coz it might just get me on tv if we win =]


also, does everybody think this is a good setlist for a battle of the bands contest, the audience is 14 to 25ish year olds although the music we're playing is just our favorite bands (although we are all 14 to 25ish year olds lol)

The Used - Take It Away (we actaully got a sound clip to play, like the beinging of the song, you know? "lifes greatest mysteries have always been...")

Funeral For A Friend - Escape Artists Never Die

Sea Of Treachery - Misery Business (the Paramore cover)

Fightstar - Tannhuser Gate

(and then maybe to end it) Brigade - Slow Dives And Alibis

cheers again, any help would be great