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Try listing your top 5 essential bass albums. These could be albums with bass you just love to play, or bass you think is great.

Mine would be (In no order):

1. Marvin Gaye- Whats Going On
2. Rush - Moving Pictures
3. Jaco Pastorius
4. Led Zeppelin 1
5. RATM - Self Titled

Have a go at yours
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stu hamm - outbound
primus - sailing the seas of cheese
marcus miller - m2
the who - quadrophenia
beatles - revolver

not in any order
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Metallica - ...And Justice For All


no really.

1. The Melvins - Stoner Witch
2. Sleep - Holy Mountain
3. The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute
4. Blotted Science - The Machinations of Dementia
5. Radiohead - In Rainbows

Ok, I'll probably have to defend/explain that one.

The reason why that album is on the list is because Colin Greenwood knows when not to play, in fact not even hitting a note for the first like 4 minutes of the In Rainbows cd. None of his lines feel unnecessary or tacky at all, it all flows perfectly.
1. Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Ride The Lightning - Metallica
3. In Through The Out Door - Led Zeppelin
4. By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. A Farewell To Kings - Rush
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That would be on my list...I love that album

Gotta love that rickenbacker.
Muse - Absolution
Metallica - Kill 'Em All
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

There are more, but that's all I can think of at the moment
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Red Hot Chili Peppers- Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Iron Maiden- Powerslave, or Number of the Beast
Rage Against The Machine- self titled, Evil Empire, or The Battle of Los Angeles
Earth Wind and Fire- Anyone really
Jackson 5- Greatest Hits (I want to cover all the bases with these guys)
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Oh god, this is hard....oh on current heavy rotation are the following. This list changes frequently depending on mood and bands I'm listening to at the moment.

1. Stu Hamm - Kings of Sleep
2. Tower of Power - Tower of Power or The Bamboos - Rawville
3. Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy
4. Primus - Frizzle Fry
5. Rattus Norvegicus - The Stranglers (I've been playing through this album for fun lately)
Jaco Pastorius - s/t
James Brown - Sex Machine
Portrait in Jazz - Bill Evans
Ah Um - Charles Mingus
Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder
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Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden, Killers
Necrophagist - Onset of Putrefaction, Epitaph
Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning
Samael - Ceremony of Opposites
Annihilator - Alice in Hell

I especially recommend the Annihilator album, the bassist is prominent, technical, and fluent. He also sounds good; he's technical without overdoing it. It totally fits the music.
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1 - The Who - Quadrophenia (The Real Me is kickass!)
2 - Rush - Moving Pictures
3 - Yes - Fragile (Just because it has The Fish)
4 - RHCP - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
5 - Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I
Rush - Fly By Night
Rush - Moving Pictures
RHCP - Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Parlament - The Mothership Connection
Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
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1. Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory/Images and Words(They both hold the number 1 spot for me)
2. Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy
3. Opeth - Watershed
4. Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
5. Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume II: No World for Tomorrow
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1. californication-red hot chili peppers
2. mothers milk-rhcp
3. best of hendrix-jimi hendrix
4. red hot chili peppers(debut)-rhcp
5. stadium arcadium-rhcp

flea has to be the best bassist ever. jimi hendrix has awesome basslines too
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1. Protest the Hero - Fortress
2. Between the Buried and Me - Colors
3. Dream Theater - Octavarium
4. Between the Buried and Me - Alaska
5. Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere in the Between
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Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
Cynic - Focus
Ensiferum - s/t
Ne Obliviscaris - The Aurora Veil (It's just a demo, but it's a damn good demo)
Necrophagist - Epitaph
OK, I agree with anarkee, it is a tough one... But still, I will try... No particular order at all:

Dream Theater - Images and Words
RHCP - Californication
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (it's the first Maiden album that I've covered completely)
G'n'R - Appetite For Destruction (Duff kicks chromatic ass!)
Metallica - Master of Puppets
Rusted Root- When I Woke
The Grateful Dead- anything really. Phil Lesh is an amazing improviser.
RHCP- By the Way
Rush- 2112
Jaco Pastorius- self titled
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Note: Not BEST, favourite.

Iron Maiden - Powerslave. Amazing performance by 'Arry. 'Nuff said. Steve is solid, and his lines melodic, while still keeping the rhythm section together.

Megadeth - Rust In Peace. Despite my dislike for pick players, I love Dave Ellefson, and this album has great lines throughout. One of the best metal bass performances.

Racer X - Self titled/ Second Heat. Alderete has helped create what I term shred bass. Scarified, for example, is amazing at mixing solo performance with busy, yet solid lines.

Jaco Pastorious - Self titled. Need I say more? Amazing. Pastorious has done what nobody else can do with a bass.

Metallica - Anything Burton, to be honest. His skill is amazing, even though his tone got more buried in th emix and somewhat worse as he went on. His albums are a huge inspiration to me, especially the creation of lines with odd time signatures.
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I would say mine are:

1. Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine
2. Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf
3: Rush: Moving Pictures
4: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication
5: Coheed and Cambria: Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

Those motivate me a good bit!
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Rush- Moving Pictures
Metallica- Kill 'em All
Dream Theater- Images and Words
Iron Maiden- The Number of the Best
Muse- Absolution
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5. Suck on this - Primus
4. Quadrophenia - the Who
3. Fragile - Yes
2. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band - the Beatles
1. Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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1. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Incubus
2. Fungus Amongus - Incubus
3. Morning View - Incubus
4. Light Grenades - Incubus
5. Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers

See a pattern there?
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Turn On The Bright Lights - Interpol
Antics - Interpol
Our Love To Admire - Interpol
And The Battle Begun - RX Bandits
#5... something by RHCP.
Images & Words-Dream Theater(John Myung)
Blood Sugar Sex Magik-RHCP(Flea)
Kill 'Em All-Metallica(Cliff Burton)
Moving Pictures-Rush(Geddy Lee)
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-Primus(Les Claypool)
images and words-dream theater
master of puppets-metallica
live at budokan-dream theater
powerslave-iron maiden
exit stage left-rush
Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
Absolution - Muse
By The Way - RHCP

thats all i can think of at the moment
Blood Sugar Sex Magik-RHCP
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-Primus
Moving Pictures-Rush
Rage Against The Machine-RATM
Fizzle Fry-Primus

BEST ALBUMS EVEER. for bass. haha
Whatever Iron Maiden or Rush albums haven't been said yet, and Fashion Nugget- CAKE
Yay fibonacci!
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Crush The Insects - Reverend Bizarre
Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus
Pleasure to Kill - Kreator
Eternity - Anathema
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My top 5 bass albums....

1 Led Zeppelin -------------------Led Zeppelin
2 Led Zeppelin II-----------------Led Zeppelin
3 Flying-----------------------------UFO
4 The Feeding of 5,000----------Crass
5 Lonesome Crow----------------Scorpions
Stadium Arcadium -RHCP ---> Wet Sand or Shes only 18
Snakes and Arrows- Rush ---> MalNar
Black Holes & Revelations- Muse --->Supermassive Black Hole
In Rainbows- Radiohead ---> 15 steps
Retrospective I (1974-1980)- Rush ---> Closer to the Heart or Spirit of Radio

I wanted to add Absolution by Muse and Californication by RHCP but its only top 5!

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5: Live in Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
4: Infinity on High - Fall Out Boy
3: From Under The Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy
2: Take This To Your Grave - Fall Out Boy
1: Fall Out Boy's Evening With Your Girlfriend - Fall Out Boy.
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^ Damnit Nutter! You stole my list! Though I would have put Cork Tree as 1. Just cant get enough Dance Dance .

These are just ones I own as I dont feel like researching any.
(in no order)
Death- Symbolic
Dream Theatre- Systematic Chaos
RATM- Renegades
Iron Maiden- Number of the Beast
BTBAM- Alaska
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1. Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um
2. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - self titled
3. Bill Evans Trio - Portrait In Jazz
4. Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
5. John Coltrane - Giant Steps

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