i've been looking for good wah pedals for decent prices on ebay since yesterday and i've found a morley from the 90's, a snarling dogs bawl buster, a vox 847 (or something like that) and a couple of dunlop original crybabys. the morley ended yesterday but i could have gotten for bit less than $30 shipped, was that a huge mistake? i kinda preferred the sound from the crybaby.which do you think is the best wah? any opinions or suggestions about wah pedals would be helpful, and its not just limited to the wahs i mentioned. thanks
Well, which style of music to you play? The Crybaby is more suited for rock and metal and the Vox, blues and classic rock. I'm not too sure on the other ones though..
Cam Sampbell's my hero
i play mostly rock and metal and would like something that sound a bit like kirk hammet's wah although i dont want to sound exactly like him (though i wouldnt really mind) so i guess i'll go for the crybaby. but how about the morley? was passing that up for less than $30 a bad idea?
If you can find an Ibanez WH-10, get it. It is the best Wah pedal out there. It can cover just about any genre, especially rock, funk, and blues. It can do metal too, you just have to play around with the Q to get your desired sound.