Hey, I've been modding a Les Paul I got for dirt cheap at a car boot sale where the nut had been completely split in half, when i bought all the rest of the gear for it, i measured the old nut and managed to buy a new nut thats exactly the same size with the slots already partially cut but they aren't quite low enough...should I try cutting them and gluing the nut by myself (bearing in mind I only have basic tools like a hacksaw availble!) or should I get a professional to do it? And how much is it likely to cost if I do???

Any help is much appreciated
The slots are gonna need to be a precision size so a hack saw wont cut it. The files to do this job arent cheap. Sometimes you can sand the bottom of the nut to lower the slots. But just way better to do it right. If you gotta take it to somebody shouldnt cost that much.
Yeah, the files are almost always around 70$ or more. You might get charged around 30$ for a slotting job, I would just file down the base.
I'd file the base as well. if you plan on doing this more times on more guitar though..think about buying a set of nut files from stew mac or something..
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