So far I've done:
1) Tears in Heaven
2) Dust in the Wind

Been playing about 2 months.
Looking for some suggestions. I've trying Wonderful Tonight and a couple Beatles tunes. Problem is with some of the Pro Tab/Guitar Pro Tabs they don't include chord names, and I'm having a tough time following the tabs with a flow to it.

Something recognizable, something realistic for my experience, something with tabs and chord names.

Thanks everyone.
Sorry man, I was just hoping someone could chime in with suggestions that were similar to what I've done. Rather than a blanket list of "beginner songs".

You know, someone that's played these tunes understands what they are and could suggest something along the same lines.
i think "nobody knows when your down and out" by clapton would be a good one for ya
I learned Dust In The Wind a while back, and then moved to Blackbird. They're sort of comparable. After Blackbird, I learned Nothing Else Matters.