Ok, I want to know why everyone hates the T-bird! I mean I went to the MANAGER of guitar center and asked him about it and he says that he loves those basses. The only reason why he would possibly not buy it is because its pretty topheavy. Plus I HAVE it out and it sounds beautiful! It has a durable finish and design and it's really sturdy.

what the hell is the problem that i don't know about??
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The general consensus is that they are top heavy, as you say (The T-bird was a Firebird bodged for the bass market), and a lot say they sound muddy and don't give much variation. TBH, what I've heard from them (the basses) is pretty solid, but there are very much Niche basses, and whether you like em's down to whether you appreciate that niche been filled.
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i'm just gonna sit here and wait till gm jack and fitzy get here to tell you all about it...

...have fun.

ya know, back when i was starting out on bass, i wanted a thunderbird... i thought nikki sixx had the coolest bass ever. now... i still think it looks cool, but i wouldn't want to play one.
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i have nothing against the tbird. i would maybe play it, but never buy it. its all personal to you, it fills a certain role (not really cure what) but if you need that role filled and you find it appealing, give it a try.

you don't have to worry about what the elitist bassists say behind your back, its your money. play happy.

just my $0.02
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