Isn't there any thread about Muse? Ther'e like the new Nirvana! Oh and if any of you saw their gig in the wembley stadium (haarp) please say.

Muse are from Devon, England and my fav songs are:

Stockholm Syndrome
Knights Of Cydonia
Time Is Running Out
Take A Bow

What are yours?
Post any pics or whatever here.

Fan sites:
http:// www.muse.mu/

Any more post here.
yeah i saw their wembly gig, absolutley amazing,
i was there on the sunday and im so sad that ive brought the dvd and spotted myself in it
Quote by MaXiMuse
Uh? Is this an insult. Muse is one of the biggest band alive and you think that they haven`t got a thread? A true Muse fan should have:
A, known that they have a thread
B, usethe searchbar because you know one of the biggest band alive has an own thread.

Unintentionally funny post of the day

OK, TS, there's already a massive thread, head over there.