OK, so I've finally decided to get the money together a fix-up my jetking. What I decided to do was to turn it into a truly vintage beast by turning the coil taps into pickup selectors, getting a functional volume knob, and getting freaking awesome vintage humbuckers. In this search I have come upon two brands that seem to fit the category: T.V. Jones pickups and Seymour Duncan's Antiquities. I know the T.V. pups are amazing, but they are also more expensive than the antiquities, and I may have to pay more to order them because idk if my shop can get them in. So my question is, does anyone here have any experience with the antiquity humbuckers? i've found a couple of videos of them and they sound amazing, and every review i have read has said they are the best thing out there. is that true?


EDIT: Btw, please ignore the amp. its not part of the issue. i know tubes would improve my tone, so skip it. thanks
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