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9 9%
4 4%
Catchy Riffs
43 42%
Good Vocals/Unique Singer
11 11%
36 35%
Voters: 103.
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What do you look for in your music? Catchy riffs? Br00tal breakdowns? Technicallity? A good singer/vocalist?
A riff that stays in your head for days, an you have to sing/hum/whistle it all the time.

smoke on the water is a good example
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100 % riffs on the poll

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Catchy riffs for me. While listening to songs though, technicality also plays a role. Something might just jump up at me and just go Whoa.
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What I love about Rockabilly is the catchy riffs. A lot of improv when you come up with one.
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All of them besides breakdowns really. If I had to choose one though, it would be catchy riffs.
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I focus more on song structure, emotion and lyrics.
Melody is what makes music worthy to listen.

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What ever part in the song makes me say to myself "wow i wish my band could do something like that"...so pretty much for every song there is a different part for me
all of them.
Being able to write songs too, if you have great playing abilty but your'e crap at writing songs then it just won't be good
It's the sound that's important, man. If a band can only do one of the things you listed well, then I'd get bored of them, I think. But if their sound is unique and interesting, I'll listen to them.
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I listen to different genres, and even within just the rock genre my music is diverse. Usually it focuses on rhythms, riffs, dynamics, or some combination of the three. I like bands with great riffs like Zeppelin, great rhythms like Tool, and even some bands which are built almost solely on the loud/soft dynamic like Deftones and Chevelle. But my favorite bands all have different qualities.

As for the other options, vocals generally don't matter as much to me, they just help guide the song and add meaning to it. Breakdowns are good in hardcore and metal music, but I listen to far more than just metal so they aren't as important either.
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If I'm left humming a riff I've written I know I'm on to something. Melody and catchy-ness is the most important thing for me.
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The vocalists range, tone and how the vocalist puts expression on certian words in the song.


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Why would you look for breakdowns? They're boring and over used as hell, seriously.

It depends what music I'm listening to. If it's jazz, it's technicality. If it's metal, it's speed and aggression. If it's punk, it's energy. If it's folk, it's catchyness and authenticness. The list goes on.

How everything works together goes well. My friend who isn't even a musician says it annoys her when she hears music being separate pieces rather than one big thing.
Technicality, intensity, melody, good singer and guitarists.
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Talent... Technicality
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I like strong, passionate vocals. Something that seems to have been unheard of until the 90's.
Mainly a good vocalist. Otherwise anything that just sounds nice, and not overdone.
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what matters most to me is how well everything blends together to create a song
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mine has to not involve hiphop.

so catchy riffs. Whens the last time you heard people hum hiphop beats.
I like music that does something different and takes you by surprise. I also like it when every member of the band has a prominent role in the sound.
Depends the genre.
Blues I go for melody and guitar chops/vibe.

Pop/Punk/emo as this board lumps together, then probably lyrics.
Technicality, good riffs, memorable melodies and decent vocals. I like good lyrics, since I'd feel like an arse singing along to bad lyrics, but that is less of a priority. I do rate technicality most of all, I just like to listen to the skill exhibited in the music.
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Technicality, good riffs, memorable melodies and decent vocals. I like good lyrics, since I'd feel like an arse singing along to bad lyrics, but that is less of a priority. I do rate technicality most of all, I just like to listen to the skill exhibited in the music.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass don't feel like asses singing their lyrics! And neither should you! *sigh* If only more people in the world were like Jables and Kage...
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riffs and breakdowns.... how do i choose both of em?
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I only know that instrumental technicality is the least of my priorities in my music. Seriously, no one gives a shit how fast you can play or how many 7 string sweeps you can do in a second.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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all of them are very very important, but if i had to choose, i would say the singers voice. not the lyrics, the voice itself. it determines the tolerability (word?) of the song, thus how much it is eventually played.
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