I love Man Man. Their latest album is quite good and it's actually my least favorite of the three. I recommend Six Demon Bag next, but The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face is also excellent.

If only I could see them live one day, they're supposed to be nuts.
i'm not too crazy about their new one, but i love their old stuff. i think someone makes a thread about them like twice a month but they never get past the first page.
That's one of the songs that hooked me onto them. My favorite song would have to be Spider Cider, though.

Possibly one of the best songs I have ever heard is Gold Teeth from blue turban. Such an amazing song.....
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That is a good song.

Another aspect of this band that I've come to appreciate and love is their fascination with moustaches, which I happen to share.
i haven't listened to them in what feels like forever. i think i am going to give one of their albums a spin today, probably while driving home.
We used to play Rabbit Habits all the time at work. Then we stopped. I was okay with that.

I dunno. They're interesting, but not my cup of chamomile.

"Doo Right" is a catchy little number, though.
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Rabbit Habits grew a lot on me, but I still don't like it near as much as the other two.
christ, i forgot how good the first album is. there is so much going on, but it all works so well.
I find that most of their stuff is a bit of a hit and miss. I love Whalebones. I think that Poor Jackie is pretty good, but it's way too long - it's like 4 slightly different songs in one, and I find I can't sit through the whole thing without getting impatient.

Definitely a band you listen to when trying to stay up late. Very different.

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything