I'm looking for a pretty loud guitar amp aronud 175$, will take a used one.. What are some good brands and amps to look into? I play a Fender Tele and a lot of pink floyd. Thanks.
I found a Vox AD30VT that is really loud for $90 at a pawn shop but I used that with an Epi Les Paul Std. It was a good amp until it died haha. If you have a Tele I think you should save up and get a nice tube amp
David Gilmour only used a selmer 50 watt amp :p mic up a smaller amp to a pa system, i think that gets a great sound
I've heard nothing but bad things about the Frontman series. Save up $125 more and get the Fender SuperChamp XD, 15w all-tube amp. It'll compliment your tele
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