Hello, people. We recorded a demo and I wanted to know what you think about it. It was not recorded in a studio, in fact, it was recorded in the bedroom of our producer. I know that you will say that it needs lyrics, and it already has them, but they have not been recorded yet. We hope you like it.

The song itself wasn't bad, however I didn't really like the tone of the guitar(s). It felt a little.. muffled I guess. Nothing a little remastering couldn't fix, of course. The drums also sound very quiet, and could use a little increase in volume.

Overall, I'd give it a 7/10 or so. Add the vocals and fix some of the tone and volume issues and it would be an 8 or 9 no problem.

Edit: I meant 7, not 6.

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pretty gd, i agree with above bout the tone of guitar, otherwise very gd effort, drums mayb a little louder, nothin a gd mixing can do but good

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Sound awesome! but too much bass in my opinion.


its good.
i like it
add the lyrics and make the overall quality better and its a good song.
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add that:
Thanks for the crit!!
Dude a very good song. The production is really good too. The only thing this song needs besides some lyrics, is a little EQing and maybe some panning. All the levels are good, and I think the tone of the guitar fits the song just fine. I think the above posters were talking about the EQing more than the tone of the guitar.

Over all a very cool song.

Good job!!

i thought the song sounded good, musically, except for the last chord for the into/chorus part. it sounded like that last chord doesn't really fit very well because it gave the song a little bit of an evil tone while the rest of the song is rather up beat, and has the same feel. other than that, add some vocals, fix up some of the volume and tones and you got yourself a good song.