I am an absolute beginner on guitar, I started playing at the beginning of this summer, and I am makeing decent progress, at least I think I am. But... I have a question:

What is the Hertz setting that my chromatic tuner should be at? I have a Korg tuner, but I didn't really pay much attention to what the settings were, I just figured that they were right so I tuned my guitar up when necessary and otherwise ignored the tuner...

Well one day my little sister got into my room (I hate being home for the summer from college...) and set it to 417 hz. Well, I had no idea what it was supposed to be set at, so I screwed around with it a bit and took a wild guess at 470 (because it sounded right to me for some reason). Well, while wandering around the net at work I saw that standard is 440 hz. So, I got home from work I reset my tuner from 470, where it had been for about a week and a half, to 440 and retuned my guitar. But, now it sounds much, much muddier and just overall not as good. So, is 440 right and I just got used to hearing the much tighter sound at 470?

My amp is garbage and sounds bad in general, but it sounds quite a bit worse when tuned to e standard at 440...

And obviously the strings are much looser, but I don't have enough experience to tell from the feel which is the correct setting...

I'm using ghs boomers which are .010-.046 if it makes any difference.
its 440
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you stretched the strings out from tuning to that pitch, its no big deal just get a new pack of strings and you'll be fine.

Just curious what amp do you have? Maybe we could help you out.