Hey Guys Im New To The Fourm Just Recently Got Back Into Guitar Because I Quit For About 6 Months. Quit For The Reason That I Could Not Learn How To Solo I Know The Pentatonic Scales Just Can Never Get A Solo Going. IM Great With Power Chords, Speed Picking, Chords. Just Looking For Someone To Help Me Out With My Soloing Problem Or To Get Me Started. I Cant Ever Make Good Solo's



please don't capitalize every word in your post. It's really hard on the eyes.

and I like the other guy said, another forum would be better fit for a question like this.

however, I usually know what I want to hear in a solo (do you?) so just know what you want it to sound like and then try to replicate this sound note by note.
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try asking for assistance in Guitar & Bass Basics, they probably have some useful tips
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