Hey all,

So my church youth group recently reacquired our bass (it was broken before) and i was wondering...

Is it alright to plug a bass (it's a Squier P-bass) straight into the PA? I've searched around google and stuff and it appears I need a DI box to balance out the signal, but I'm not sure if it will overwhelm the vocals and guitar or anything.

We don't have enough of a budget to buy an actual amp, so that's out of the question. So should I just go for straight in through a DI box or what? will the bass need to be EQ'ed differently in order not to blow out the PA speakers?

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Yeah you will need a DI. lespaulstudio has said all there is too say really.

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A nice DI box is the Hartke Bass Attack, has a good 3 band EQ as well as a Harmonic, effect mix and shape control. Has both clean DI signal output and one which is effected by the controls.
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You dont *need* a DI box, you can plug straight into the mixer, into an unbalenced input, all the DI box really does is boost the signal so it can travel over great distances and give you some tone flexibility if it has an inbuilt EQ.

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awesome, thanks all.

two more things- is one of those fancy schmancy high end $200 DI boxes necessary, or will a $40 no-EQ one do just fine?

and also, lespaulstudio, what's the reason for needing to bring down the volume on the bass channel? drowning out other channels otherwise/improper EQ of the bass?

thanks again
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^a $40 one will be fine, it just depends on what sorta tonal variety you need

You don't need to bring the level down persay but the input will be a lot hotter from a DI then the bass on it's own so you need to watch the gain level
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How far are you from the mixing board, and how much tone shaping is built into each strip on the mixing board? You honestly might not get any better sound from a cheap DI than you will from just plugging straight into the board. Now a nice DI with some bass focused eq is a different matter, or if you have more than 25 feet of cable running between bass and board, then you probably want a boost.