I've been curious about this also.

*watches thread*
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Entirely up to you. Experiment. Some people have the mic like an inch away, at the centre of the cone, others have it 6 inches away, slightly off centre.

Volume is as loud as you want it to get the tone you want, if you're using a preamp with the mic you can turn the gain down so the actual recording volume will be lower than what's coming out the amp.

Basically, just play around with it.
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The setup for an sm57, as described by the manual, toward the outside edge of the speaker cone, 6-10".
Yup a whole lot of trial and error.. Im finally making head way with my setup. And its all dependant of the rig and your setup as well so what works for one might not work for another.

Theres some cool videos that discuss the basics and techniques. Watch them then sit down infront of the rig, move, test, move and record everything you do and keep notes in relation to how it sounds.