seen this, i doubt that one works in the first place
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
its been proven that it does not work. if you look around youtube you will actually find videos testing it and proving how he scammed people in that video.
eh, I hooked up some hifi speakers to my amp yesterday

sounds like ass

not enough power, way too much treble
lol i like the response with the plastic bottle
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I love the Foo's!

it looks like he only has one hand, he should have put the camera down when making this
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I didnt use the search, and i didn't look.
you should have. welcome to last year.

Paper plate speaker resistance

Pie Pan Speaker + Question

Building a makeshift speaker from household items?

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Think this may work for guitar amps?

1 - it doesn't work. it's a hoax

2 - threads about building things for guitar belong in GB&C, not in the Pit.
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