I'm working on finding a drummer but it's hard to find someone that is on the same page musically. But here are some of my songs. The 1st song, I, was recorded about a month ago and is my latest piece of work. The other songs Understanding, Reconstruct, and In Desperate Need, I finished at the beginning of the year and are 3 out of 7 songs off of my Ep, Reconstruct.

Anyways, here is my myspace.


Let me know what you think......honestly.
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wouldnt take an amazing drummer,honestly...

all the songs are really slow...
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What I meant was, That I'm wanting some that will enjoy the music and play it with a passion, not someone that is just filling in. I also want someone that can play well. I mean, who wants a drummer that can't keep time? But thank you for letting me know that, I can't even find anyone around here that even be interested in playing for me.

Did you like the music though?
They view you as the new messiah!
not bad but i cant stand the singing sorry

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Small world, I live in Fort Worth too. Do you play around the area any?

Yes, I do actually. I've played at the Aardvark in downtown and also at the Bone, over in Dallas. I had to take a break from playing any live venues do to family issues but things are coming back together and I'll be back to playing live music after August. Have you played at any places around here?
They view you as the new messiah!
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not bad but i cant stand the singing sorry

Thank you for being honest. I do know that I've got to work on some areas but doesn't everyone? Such as, not singing with a hiss, so that I don't damage my vocal cords. And so that people can understand what I'm saying more.
They view you as the new messiah!

Yeah we play around, mostly the Aardvark and Ridglea (which we have a main stage gig this thursday)

And to critique your music, I like your lyrics, they catch on well, and the drums that you have in the recordings aren't too overpowering which is what I would like them to be like live