its my band.
also,know any other psychadelic bands that are
pretty underground.
Runa Los Atta is pretty good too.
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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I hope he gets a blood disease and dies alone and screaming.

I mean that in the nicest way possible of course.
I'm listening to "Steal" and everything sounds pretty quiet - turn the drums up. The drums have some timing issues at some points, but other than that it's okay. The progression alone sounds really boring since it goes on for so long without anything else happening.

I like the drumming at the start of the "Underwater Voodoo Jam". I like the guitar line too. Very...something - I don't know how to describe the feeling, but it's definitely there. I think things would sound better if you filled things out more - get a bassist and record multiple guitar layers!

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