Okay ive really been getting into a lot of imrovisation and trying to get down my theory that i need for it. I just cant seem to get it. What articles really helped you guys learn everything you know about theory?
I don't know much theory. *hangs head in shame*


I can just improvise, it's just really natural to me. For some it is. But, I'm sure there's some lessons for it in the 'Lessons' tab up at the top.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
i got a book at some store called "scale guru" and its got every scale ever pretty much and all the chords that go well with the scale
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Yeah ive seen that many times but my theory is so bad i dont know how to read the scales since there just like 1 2b 3 ect... I tried a bunch of things on ultimate guitar but none of them really make sense i just get confused
you really need lessons, since some things come easy to some people, and some things some people just cant understand, so you need someone who you can ask questions