My norton antivirus subscription ran out and I don't want to pay to get another subscription.
Anybody know of good antivirus software that is free?

Oh and I'm just wondering, even if the subscription is up, will I still get protection?
Cause it says in the thing that the only problem is I'm not getting the updates. But the firewall is still up and everything.
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I use AVG, it's free and works.
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AVG, Avast, Kaspersky.


I use avast and it's pretty awesome.
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use limewire and search for any software you want just make sure there is a cd key or a crack for it included
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just stay away from Mcafee

+1 bulky and as ineffective as ........tits on a whale

I say AVG 8.0 Free
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Asquared and AVG are good.
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just stay away from Mcafee

What? McAfee is hands-down, THE best anti virus software.
Get a mac.
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avg all the wayyy
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