i've been playing guitar 4 awhile, and i'm pretty good if i say so myself, but i want 2 try and take on a second intrument: Bass guitar. does any1 no any good brands of bass guitars? i'm lookin 4 a good beginners bass, but not like 1st act or some other fake brand. if u could post some pics and a price that would b nice. i also want a decent bass amp.

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The Squier, Ibanez, and Peavey starter packs are probably a good place to start. They all come with an amp becasue you wont want to be playing bass through you guitar amp, unless you have some hatred for your guitar amp and want to destroy it.

Also take a look at the Ultimate Bass Fourm FAQ
If you think youre going to play bass for longer time (and not just trying out), than I would invest in a better amp than the starterpack amps. I think Ashdown has nice, fairly cheap amps.
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If it's possible, a Fender Jazz or Fender Precision would serve you well for many, many years. Rock solid basses.
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I second reading the FAQ. It has a list of pretty good starter basses and pretty good starter amps.

The most important thing for you initially will be to forget your guitar playing, and start afresh. You have to work from the bottom upas far as technique and mentality go, in order to succeed. A lot of guitar players just pick up a bass and play it like a guitar, which will limit a bass player massively in the long run.

Start from bare basics, with fingerpicking (just to help seperate it from guitar to begin with) and fretting (one finger per fret, fingers parallel to the frets), and then slowly work up.
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If your looking for a decent amp that will last longer than a little practice one and isn't that expensive I'd definately check out an Ashdown EB
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