ok i just made these recordings recently and i was wondering if fellow guitarists could tell me if my songs are good or not .. any advice or comments would be apreciated


its just guitar im trying to get a band together

hope you like it
oh and btw unless you have something nice to say please dont comment my myspace page k thanks
Ruins Of A Nightmare: well the recording quality could be perfected, i like the lead it's really good, but you should take the distortion off the rythme guitar and make it sound crunchy/sharp, i like the lead alot, it's really cooL although i don'y like the lead at aprox. the 2:48 minute.

Broken: this song is good aswell, the lead is better than rythme and the effects are again strange for the rythme.

Harmonix: hmmm, i dunno wether it's because it doesn't suit my taste but i though this was the least impressive of the three, too heavy

all in all it's really good work with potential, keep it up!!!!

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hey thanks man i appreciate your input ... well to record i used a line 6 toneport ux2 so i just plug my guitar into that it doesnt give me the exact tone or sound i want but its decent. i still have to get used to editing these are my first recordings after all =)
Ruins Of A Nightmare was kinda cool, but slightly generic metalcore tbh. Guitar tone ws good.
Broken had a slightly off tone, or off tuning, but wasn't bad. Slightly more creative than Ruins of A Nightmare
Harmonix could be cool with some decent vocals! Guitar tone is nice and heavy. Its straightfoward but the simplicity works! Nice pinch harmnics!

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