i feel like sitting down and learning a whole album today. i want a good tab for the entire album, and i want it to be a little challenging, but nothing real hard. i dont really care about genre, but id prefer to stay away from metal(i know most UGers will immediately respond with obscure metal bands unless i include that)
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Chili Peppers...any album really.
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You can't go wrong with the Chili Peppers
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origin of symmetry is a good challenge
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Challenging, you say? The Who's Quadrophenia is challenging, John Entwistle at his best.
Iron Maiden's Debut Album is very good. Some of 'Arry's best work is on that album.
That's my vote.
how about primus, depending on how many strings there are on your bass
any album will do
how about pork soda?
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I'll get back to you.
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Try Riverside's Out of Myself, Tool's Lateralus, Symphony X's Paradise Lost, or Rush's 2112.
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Unquestionable Presence by Atheist if you feel man enough.

I would say they're pretty obscure for anyone who doesn't like metal, but TS if you've heard of Atheist try Focus by Cynic.
Try Mother's Milk or One Hot Minute by the Chili's, great albums to jam along to. OHM is one of Flea's finest albums IMO.

Also play some Jamiroquai, the basslines in the songs are always great to listen to.
How about Mothers Milk RHCP, or S/T by RATM
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I would say they're pretty obscure for anyone who doesn't like metal, but TS if you've heard of Atheist try Focus by Cynic.

Cynic and Atheist 2 awesome bands, but exactly what the TS doesnt want