Hi all,
Yeah I nkow it's cliché to make such a thread, but I really need the comunnities help!
Well, I'm a bassist and I want to play electric guitar to, I have some expierence, but now I wan to buy an elec guitar myself (always practised on my friends one).
I play metal, rock, blues that kind of stuff. And I was thinking about an Epiphone LP, an Ibanez SA260FM or a jackson dinky. I also have a little question about the fine tunning thing.
I heard all kind of stuff on how hard it is to change the tunning because of the floyd rose or somehting. Could someone give me a quick explanation on Fine tunning and the floyd rose thing.

wats your budget?
i doubt ull be looking at either floyd roses OR fine tuning for ur first guitar
i dont have either, and im happy
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