sometimes when playing guitar i hear a buzzing sound comming out the amp. how do i stop it?
It's feedback, turn down your distortion, get humbuckers and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a noise gate cut feedback as well as get rid of other unwanted noise?
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so it doesnt have anything to do with the cable or anything?

Do you get the buzzing without distortion?
Okay, turn down your volume or your distortion. Should go away, if not you're going to have to deal with it.
do you have single coils? or humbuckers? cause, sounds like single coils could be the cause,

also, if you dont know the difference, what guitar do you have?
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this is why i love how my strat has a reverse wound middle single coil, really cuts down on the extra noise ^^
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well, with strats, if you just put the pickup selecter so it uses two pickups, itll work like a humbucker, and solve that problem,
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Problem is maybe your guitar mics of bad guitar cable : D
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It sounds like your using un-shielded equipment with possibly a single coil pickup.

The problem with this is that everything electrical emmits a certain frequency of around 50-60hz. This is called the 60 cycle hum.

single coil pickups pick this frequency up in the magnetic field surrounding the pickup, and amplifies it. It gets alot worse when heard through gain / distortion.

Try turning off every electrical item near your guitar and amp and see if it helps.
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