I'm gonna start learning one of the two, and I'm stuck on choosing. I like electric guitar because of the beautiful sound, and I've always wanted to play one. I like Bass because it looks so fun, what with the slap and pop techniques and others etc.
I have seen some awesome players, and it made me want to play instantly. But there is a problem: I would probably be a "bedroom player" so bass wouldn't be as...appealing... or would it?

I need help!
Try them both, play what you like to play. Guitar won't be good if you are making awesome music but aren't having fun.
there are too many guitarists per bassist you have 72% better chance of joining a band if you play bass.

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Play both, see which you like more. There is nothing in this world that says you have to only play one. I'm mainly a bass player, but at some point soon I am hoping to buy my first guitar. A Gibson Explorer 76'
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a lot of my friends have started with guitar, and later find that bass is easier to start playing.
im not sure if it works both ways though.
learn guitar theory first, then bass will be sooooo much easier than trying to jump right into it
learn to play bass and your hands will be made of wood
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You could always start with the one that appeals you the most, and then later on pick up the other. Really, playing one helps you a LOT with playing the other. It's almost the same, xcept for a few differences.

If you start with guitar, it will help you get more accurate when fretting, while if you start with bass, it will help you for stretches on guitar. And really, bass is as much for bedrooms as guitars are. My opinion tho, it's easier to notice mistakes on a guitar, so it might be a better idea to start guitar. See it this way too, usually it's easier to play reckognizable riffs on guitar. While bass has a cool different sound.

My final opinion tho, guitar would be a good bet. Guitar in my opinion requires more accuracy(strings being a lot closer and lot thinner), plus the higher pitches can sound really bad if badly done. So guitar should help you build a good technique faster then by bass. Most guitar players who try a bass usually feel confortable straight away, while the opposite isn't true. Bassists always complain like "Omg 6 strings and so close.

Just play both in the end, it will open up your musical horizon. I happen to play bass from times to times(my gf's, she doesn't even play it), and i definatly plan on getting my own someday. Maybe after my next guitar, who knows. And yeah originally, I also was in a dilemma between the two.

Listen to all of your favorite guitar and bass licks, then go to a store and try both. You'll probably know by then.

Edit: Being able to play both also means being able to record both guitar and bass tracks. Easier for recording your own songs.
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If you don't plan on joining a band, bass might get boring. Guitar you always have the option of playing (entire) popular songs, singing along, etc.
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Learn them both as you will be better suited to a band cos you can contribute ideas to the other guitarist/bassist. if thats too much too start off with. start learning guitar and if you get bored start on bass.
Bass is harder to start off with imo. Thick strings, longer neck, more action... Its physically hard remember that.
Quite rewarding too though.
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Like all these guys are saying, I would do guitar first if you aren't pretty sure that you'll make it into a band (most of my friends who play bass are in bands and for when they aren't with the band, they play guitar half the time on their own, easier to write songs with, randomly just pick up and play, etc.). Either that or just learn one and then when you feel comfortable with it pick up the other, if you have friends who play both maybe have them teach you a bit to see which you like more.
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i would say choose which everone you think is more fun and or comfortable to you. but if you start playing bass you should learn about the chords on the guitar because it makes it so much easier to play bass especially if you plan on being in a band or jamming with another guitarists. i mean bass is fun to jam by yourself with in your room thats pretty much what i've been doing for 2 years but it is a WHOLE lot of fun jamming with 1 or 2 other guitarists