This thread is for advice about how to narrow down a selection of 26 Ibanez hollow body guitars to just 3 or 4 so I can go and try them out!

I am using the following sites for reference:

Prices (though I'm sure I can do a bit of shopping around once I've narrowed down)

(Unnecessary background) I started off my quest for a hollow body guitar when I read Josh Homme from QOTSA got into them during the 'Lullabies to Paralyze' era of the band which is my favourite. I'm a big Dave Grohl fan and looked into his signature model which is bloody expensive! Then I looked at normal Gibson 335s - cheaper but still bloody expensive! Then I got really interested in the Epiphone Dot until I noticed some Ibanez hollow bodies and fell in love with the look (& the price!). Being an Ibanez player already and being really impressed so far this is a natural step for me. However...

There is too much choice and I would like to know if anybody has an tips how I can begin to narrow down the selection so I can get down to my local guitar shop and choose my favourite to play

Thanks for your help!
Ok, I've narrowed down to the AS & AM ranges on the basis that they remind my aesthetically of the Gibson 335 and are nice prices.

I'd like to hear from owners of either of these
I have one of the AS. Really nice guitar, and beautiful as well. One of the prettier of its type. However, I would like to deviate you into a washburn HB30 or HB35. THey have the best feel at any price range, thats why
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Thank you very much. I'll have a look into them.

They're sweet guitars. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!
I seem to be looking for the same thing: a hollow/semi-hollow body electric in the 350 euro zone. So i'd appreciate some new opinion in the washburn vs ibanez duel.

How about build quality with these guitars?
Anyone tried the washburn HB 32?