Ok, so I've played about 6 months now, and I've noticed that I almost exclusively use the "floating thumb" technique. I never conciously started doing this, it was just the way it began happening. Is this bad technique? Just looking for some guidance so as not to go astray.

No that's a commonly accepted technique for positioning your thumb. While I usually rest my thumb against the lowest string on the bass, I find myself using the floating thumb more and more. Some players think it facilitates a faster and more efficient plucking hand as well.
Yeah thats a good technique in my opinion, it helps to mute open strings which might be wringing out. I actually wish i used this technique more, but I get by

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Don't worry about it bro. If it hasn't affected your playing in a negative way, it probably won't matter. Like for me, I actually started muting strings with my right pinky, and now I can play and mute using both hand subconsciously, something that will help in the long run. Remember, unorthodox =/= bad
Yeah, i do wot JEP4 does but with my ring finger, givin me a sort of upright sound.
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