Is it just me? Every day for the past few days I've been able to sign in as normal for a fair amount of time, then my internet crashes and I fix it, then my MSN keeps getting a hosts file error!

Any help would be appreciated, as I dislke using eBuddy.
My msn's screwin up too.
It keeps on coming up with Error Code: 80072745

I guess microsoft are fawkin' up.
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I've been having the same, is it error code 80072745? Cause thats what it comes up with on mine, it's been working fine all day, and then it signed me off, and won't sign me back on, and it did the same yesterday as well.
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Mine just freezes when i either receive a message or try sending one so I have to ctrl alt delete it then sign in again. It's calmed down a bit recently though. It's all a con even though it's free.
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use the original oldy windows messanger, tht works
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windows live messenger is working for me...

maybe ur nets screwed up..

PS: Using XP
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mines working now XD
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