Im trying to play starry night by Joe Satriani.
I noticed in this video that the acoustic part is played in open c tuning. I managed to get my guitar into open c, and after messing about, i did actually realise that playing all the open strings was a c chord.

The chords to the song are:

C Dm Em F G Am F C

I worked out that i can play the major chords just by barreing all the strings and moving the barre up and down the neck accordingly. Im just a bit confused about the minor chords. I know its something like the third note is flattened, but can't seem to get them in this tuning. How do i play them?
Just use the barre form and make the third minor. You can't really barre and do that, so just keep the vital notes (root, 3rd, 5th). I would keep the 6th root, and any other notes you can finger while keeping that minor 3rd. You don't always have to play every note possible, sometimes it sounds just as good if not better if you take a more minimal approach.
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