The track is in my profile...first take so I screwed up a little with timing, other than that I think its okay...I try to play with feeling, not sure if I've accomplished that?

The solo is from a Wallflowers song I covered, also in my profile, but I wanted to spare you from my sucky singing so you can just crit my solo (I know my singing needs alot of work)
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the bigining has nice santana vibe to it, a bit hawaian style, I like it sounds cool, the lead is very good, definitly something where you should add vocals and make a complete song, it sounds a bit like "santana ft. aerosmith - Just Feel Better" but in a more calm way, keep up the good work!

c4c, crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15477581#post15477581
I liked all three of them. Some of them lacked the quality they deserve and were perhaps a bit out of tune and timing was off at some parts. (If you're using Audacity and the tracks become gradually out of sync, check that playback and recording is using same device in options and change project rate to 48000hz, this worked for me).

Having said that I do think that all three songs got lots of potential,once you get them executed properly. The solo guitar on In Memoriam should sound great once you get it totally to sync with the rest of the song. I gather that the verse starts after the solo part and you're gonna add vocals later. If not, skip the strumming part after solo. . Realms of Imagination solo reminded me of Red hot chili peppers, which is a good thing I guess

Good job

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