What exactly is the best way to clean a fretboard? Any special products or will some regular household cleaners get the job done?
lemon oil (not juice) , put on a soft cloth and wipe down fret board, let sit for a few minutes. Then wipe off, with another cloth.

I think there's another product you can use, but im drawing a blank
lemon oil, i use dunlop formula 65. doesnt work on maple fretboards though
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You can use Pledge furniture polish.
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boiled linseed oil works very well and conditions the wood. old dunlop no. 65 is the tried and tested way.
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take off the the strings and get a thick brisseled brush the type u use to clean crust off pots and go 2 town on it twill b as clean as a whistle afterwards
Check furniture polish for silicone first, because that can damage some finishes.

Lemon oil only works on unfinished darkwood fretboards. Otherwise you'll have to use standard guitar polish.

Toothbrushes for children (which have extra-soft bristles) are good for cleaning round the metal frets.
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i just use generic lemon oil on the fretboard along with a rag. use the other end of the rag just to wipe off dust and stuff from the body. i put this lube stuff in the nut too. idk what it does, but something good according to the internet. haha.
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