Are they any decent? I'm thinking about picking one up, but i've heard mixed opinions on them, Help please?
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Well a low - mid range one isn't really what would spring in to my mind when i think of good a bass, but there high end stuff, obviously are better.

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I find that alot of the basses are really muddy, no matter what you put them through.
Their higher end models, like the Razorback, sound pretty good. Obviously they're geared towards metal, so if metal is your thing, I'd consider them. Don't waste your money on a cheap one though. Unless you're getting a high-end one, look elsewhere. It's about the same as the whole BC Rich situation. Their high end stuff can be great, but their low-end stuff is total junk.
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The Edges are good for their price, they are the typical example of a good quality, modern day bass.

The ML series is a budget line, good, but very, very simple. You can only get really one tone out of them, but they have a lot of space for modification and art. They are a tad overpriced (around $50 more than i would pay), but they get the job done and I cant find a better start to a modification project.
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i use the highest end demonator & i think it sounds & plays great, however i was playing the single pick-up bolt on version & i hated it.... kinda strange really. but in general deans can be tonally limited, ie my demonator plays metal/rock genres well, but im still looking for something to handle blues/jazz/funk. try out one of the higher end models models for the best sound.
I had a friend who I convinced to take up bass order this puppy: http://www.music123.com/Dean-Edge-10a-Electric-Bass-with-Active-Electronics-512156-i1147575.Music123 . Real cheap, decently made, and sounds pretty damn good. The active pickups probably help a lot. I played guitar stuff on it and it plays nice and no buzzing or any of that bull****. If this cheap one by them plays good for the money, their better stuff is probably good as well.
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if you are into metal then it will do the job, but i would suggest an ibanez
if you are into rock/punk then a squier would be great
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