Hey! I do the guitar and sing sing sing in this band we call The Manic Rampage. We're from Funland and we're around ~17 years old. Our music has been described as "Indie Noise" which is awesome though we ourselves consider our genre to be more "American Alternative" (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Nirvana, Velvet Underground?...).

The thing is we got our home-recorded demo out NOW on myspace, you should check us out! ;D

The demo is called Hippo. and can be recognised by this rhinoceros cover featuring the missleading title. Yes we're strange.

Ps. We've got the BIG MUFF
I'm liking the tunes - very laid back rock you've got going. I don't hear the "noise" in your songs (at least not in the first track). Everything sounds really good together. The drumming sounds really simple so I say...make it more complicated!

Nice stuff!
I like it! Keep going guys
Quote by steven seagull
I hate to say it, but chances are the only thing good about that amp is the fact that the name looks a lot like the word "laser"...

Check out my band!
Sounds good ('specially the big muff)

Also kudos for having Lemuria and the Queers in yr friend list!
^ haha my pleasure having them really ;D
I was lucky enough to stumble across them on myspace when I searched for Dinosaur Jr. influenced bands and instantly fell in love with their music to the extent I had to add them as top friends.

And thanks everyone for your time giving us the great feedback!
I can't say I'd call that very noisy. My band is a noise band.

That being said, I'm not being a dick, you guys are great. But in my opinion calling yourselves noise is a bit misleading.

Ah, but I see now up there that someone else said that of you, and people are wont to say lots of stupid things.

I might actually listen to the radio once in a while if there were more bands that sounded like you guys.

EDIT: And I dig the album cover. Classy!