I have a few decisions myself to make guys (& girls) so please can any one give any tips

1) Should i build my own guitar?
2) Two woods i have found on a website are Amazaque and Wenge ive found details about the Wenge (heavy ive heard) but none on the Amazaque, any info?
3) Neck-Through or Bolt On?
4) Which would be the best to use as wings on a RR/Alexi Build(if it was Neck-Through)?
5) Could you get more than a single set of wings from a single piece body blank(sounds stupid but im curious )?
6) What wood would be best for a neck for each body wood? (thats a mouthful )
7) Any ideas if theres any free Alexi(preferably due to the little indent part(cant explain it any better )) or RR plans available on the net? (I know of guitarplansunlimited but im trying to do this on the cheap D: )

thanks for the time
1- Yes.

2- Dont use either, go for something like mahogany coz ite much easier to work with than the other two. They're both MEGA heavy too. Wenge is used more for bass' and necks not so much guitar bodys. Amazaque is a little unstable unless its very well dried out.

3- Neck through would be much easier if its your first build.

4- For a V id eithe rgo with all mahogany or a maple through neck with ash or alder wings.

5- You can infact squeeze both wings for an RR/Alexi from one half of a decent sized body blank.

6- Maple or Mahogany.

7- No free plans I've found. Use guitarplansunlimited, there OK but not awesome.

hope this helps
Thanks for the info dude, just to find a dealer in yorkshire that has some mahogany now, time to go on the hunt
me. . . . . . lol . . . .

Theres craftsupplies near you but they got NOTHING now and there not gonna be getting anything in anymore. I've got loads of mahogany if your interested.
Well, just over the border in Notts. The stuff I've got is 1"thick by 5" wide. If yo wanna do a through neck it'd have to be made of 3 laminated pieces. Thats what I did for my Rhoads im just about to spray.

Heres a link to the build, you cant see the neck is 3 pieces. -


You can have three pieces and do it yourself or I can laminate and machine it for you.

£50 for the three pieces or £60 for em all mchined up plus postage.

PM me if you wanna go for it.

I dont have any spare mahogany for the wings though.