Hey I have been playing guitar for about 5 years now, but I haven't played properly in about 6 months - no practise or anything (I blame my drum kit). I was wondering if you could suggest some good advanced lessons or things to learn to get me back into it. Thanks.

edit: a new song would actually probably be better
try some the spill canvas
theyre fun to play and sing
or learn to play and sing, if u havent already
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You'll basically have to re-learn everything. Except for simple things and chords too, you'll have to re-learn it the same way you learned before. It'll probably be easier this time though, because you know how to do it in your head.

Practice going through some scales to get some of your finger dexterity back. You'll prabobly have to do some build up picking excercises too, your picking hand most likely will not be as accurate as it was.

If you are really dedicated to getting better at guitar, dont take any more 6 month breaks! You'll lose all your muscle memory in your fingers and you'll lose what you worked hard for. Everyone needs to take a day (or even a few) off from playing guitar every once in awhile. But really try not to let it get more than a few days. Even if you can only play a couple minutes, when compared to playing 10 minutes to not playing at all, the difference it makes is bigger than you think.
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If you were seriously playing for 5 years, and I mean 5 GOOD years, it's probably not gonna be too bad, the easiest way to tell, however, is to get off of UG and play the guitar!!!

Muscle memory isn't something that magically disappears the second you stop using it, it takes time to burn off, depending on the person and how they learn and grow (so on and so forth...) after six months you could be just about exactly where you left off, or totally lost. My guess is you'll be middle of the road (as most everyone would be), possibly leaning more towards the former, since you played for a while before you stopped, and you did other musical things in the meantime.

Seriously, though, go learn a few songs, work a few chromatic scales to get the rust off your fingers, and give yourself a while for everything to come back. You've already got the knowledge and experience, that's by FAR the hardest part of playing.
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