how do I start a band that acually practices, because I've joined like 3 "bands" that don't practice and just say thier in a band and make myspaces of it.
Find older people maybe, and meet people who have the same enthusiasm as you.
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Look for a comitted drummer firstly... unless you have a spacey car and a lot of time on your hands, you will be practicing wherever the drummer lives. Then go look for the other members. Keep in mid that the more members you have the harder it is to get them to all show up at practice(aka. dont bring in unecessary xylophonists etc). Also try and get people that live as close as possible to wherever it is ye practice, or else ones that can provise their own transport, ones that you can rovide transport to, or at least have enough gear to be capable of leaving at minimum an amp at the practice place....

When you have found the musicians, the first thing you should do is sit down and have a band meeting. As the person who organised the band, you should immediately assume position of bandleader and start the conversation flow of: what kind of music they should play, covers etc etc.

Also maybe look into the idea ofa band bank account. It is an easy way to finance future purchases for the band as a whole i.e transport to gigs, P,A systems, recording fees etc. It also has the added benfit of weeding out the uncommitted. $10 a week may not seem like a whole pile but if someone has no intention of playing with the band then they still wont pay it
you gotta find people that want to play, that love to play, that if possible would band practice to be all day everyday, not just people that can play. They're hard to find but they are out there. Just try and talk to as many musicians as possible, and hopefully some will be as enthusiastic as you about playing music.
Before you find your band members, find your rehearsal space. Then use that space for auditioning your prospective members, and as they join your band, tell them to meet you there every week and point out rule number 1, if you miss rehearsals without a damn good excuse, you're out.
It's also useful to be rehearsing in a place that actualy costs money to use.
In many professional rehearsal studios, you will book the room and if you cancel within 48 hours of the planned rehearsal, you still have to pay what it would have cost, so if someone suddenly can't make it, they should still have to share the costs of the rehearsal, even if the rest of the band didn't actualy rehearse.
No one likes paying out money for absolutely no return, so this then becomes the ultimate motivator for making sure everyone turns up to rehearsals promptly every week.