We've just released our new EP, and we've 2 new songs from it on our myspace. It'd be nice if you guys checked them out. Please let us know what you think, whether it be constuctive criticism or compliments.

I'm liking the first track - everything sounds totally off from each other but somehow it manages to blend together well. How did you do that? I like the multiple vocal layers, though they are slightly out of tune at times. Overall I say Good song!

The second song sounds pretty good too. The only negative thing I have to say is that the vast majority of people won't enjoy your tunes, even if I do.
I like your influences! I played with biffy clyro
Listening to the first track - i really really like the vocal tunes especially in the epic bits (the chorus i think?) i kept expecting it to go into something heavy like underoath because i saw them in your influences, but i guess the vocal lines are a bit underoathy in places.
I liked the vocals going between the speakers at the end, that was nice.

ah the 2nd tracks a bit underoathy guitar wise. very good job. keep it up guys!
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The only negative thing I have to say is that the vast majority of people won't enjoy your tunes, even if I do.

You think so? I would probably disagree. I've actually been pretty surpised by the variety of tastes in music of the people who have bought our CD...
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^ Well that probably just means that the music scene in your area is different from mine.

Maybe, anyway, we got reviewed by The Outside Review which I later noticed floating around here, so I'm guessing it's done by some UG'er or something.

"Article For is a young band out of the United Kingdom boasting a familiar alternative rock feel to their songs with almost 80's-ish sounding synth playing over some of their tunes. Their music provides a nice balance of Christian messages in their lyrics while not being to forceful about their presentation, a key to mainstream success for Christian bands. Listening to the Lisburn Quintet it is easy for one to recognize that the band is talented. The music is very well written and the vocal harmonies are superb. It is rare to find a young band with the ability to either create or execute such harmonies and Article For does just that. This Underoath inspired group is sure to reach people with the release of their new EP Music by Numbers and they are sure to bring their message to many, many people."