"How do i refinish a wood bass?" uhm.. as apposed to a plastic one? Just messin with ya.

Well do you want paint or stain? What colour? Matte, satin, or gloss?
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I wanna stain it to get darker, fuller color and then clear coat it, what should i use?
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Use a stain you can mix yourself, and make it very weak mix of amber or brown.

Clear coat with clear paint. I assume you are using spray cans, and that you live in the US.

Check out www.stewmac.com

they ought to have everything you need.
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Before staining it, you will need to sand off the previous finish. Use rougher paper first (100-120 grit) then work your way gradually up to finer and finer paper (probably 2000 grit or more) to get it glassy smooth before staining. Depending on the type of wood and the condition of your instrument, you may need to use a grain filler.
2000 is not necessary to stain, i use 400. 600 maybe. But if you want to go ahead it wobn't hurt it.
320 would even be fine for finishing, well from my experience with staining.
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Yeah, I got a little carried away there. I meant to say to sand it that fin after staining and before clearcoat. I need to stop posting right before bedtime.
Well i already sanded it with like a 600 grit and its still pretty rough, so, i think i'll use a grain filler, any recommendation?
and does it go before the stain or after?
filler goes on before the stain.
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use shellac (non wax based) to fill the grain...will also darken the wood slightly then add the stain and clear coats