In a few weeks I will be getting my second guitar... right now i have a ibanez sg, but I really want a les paul style guitar, So should I get a gibson les paul 2008 edition or a gretsch power jet firebird w/ bigsby tremolo system? I have heard good things about gretsch guitars and how light then are... but Les pauls are like classic... so?

What I like about these to guitars:
Les paul: Shape, sound, color (especially the ebony), i actually like the weight(i don't mind it), tone knobs instead of switcher, trapezoid inlays, and tune-o-matic bridge.

Gretsch:Tremolo, weight ( i dont mind if it is light!), i heard that gretsch sounds really good, quality.

And did gibson fix the quality problems of the les paul?
thanks very much
Go and play each for about an hour each........ then you'll see.
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Gibson doesn't realy have a 'quality problem'....true the quality isn't what it used to be, but they still make amazing instruments.
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sounds like you are leaning towards the gibby...everyone bitches about the weight of the gibson lp but its never bothered me...its by no means a light guitar but c'mon..just play both and go with what suits you
Gibbo has chambered the LP's for a while.
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Forget their quality control problem. The only thing that matters if the Les Paul you look at has good quality, if it doesn't then don't get that one and find another.

Yeah I'd do what one of the guys above said, play each guitar for about an hour each or something and then decide. I wish I figured that one out earlier, haha.