Poll: Which do you like best, White Stripes or The Raconteurs
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View poll results: Which do you like best, White Stripes or The Raconteurs
White Stripes
25 63%
15 38%
Voters: 40.
I was wondering what band you guys liked better. Jack White being the front man of both bands, it is kind of hard to choose. The Raconteurs are definitely the more structured band, with a fuller sound. But for me, Id have to say the White Stripes. I think Jack has more freedom to do what he wants in that band, so you never know what to expect.

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I like both, but I liked White Stripes first, and am just getting into the Raconteurs, and WS have put out more stuff, and I didn't like Raconteurs first album so I'm going with WS.
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white stripes. there just something about the racontiers that i just dont like.
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i gotta go with the white stripes
i was previously gonna go with raconteurs, but their new album, although awesome, reminds me too much of the white stripes. I has hoped they were gonna continue where broken boy soldiers has left off. So i say white stripes ftw
I don't know. They're both alright.

I also like The Black Keys better than both these bands.
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Jack White is way better in The White Stripes.
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Im actually pretty suprised at these results.

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I'm gonna have to say Raconteurs because they just have more songs that I'm into
the white stripes are way better because its 2 people, thats all you need. meg and jack together are a big slap in the face to those bands that have lots of people. it doesnt matter about the sound half as much as the message and how you interpret the song. and thw white stripes have both.
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they sound the same, so i like them the same amount

The Black Keys own them both though
The White Stripes are a better band but personally I really dig the Raconteurs.
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Prefer the Raconteurs these days, especially after Icky Thump - that album was, in my opinion, fairly terrible. I just didn't like anything about it.

It's a close call though.
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